Alder Creek Distillery

 Adding to the Martin Family’s portfolio, Alder Creek is the second endeavor in distilling. The creation of this distillery has allowed the Martin’s to widen the breadth of their distilled products. Alder Creek Distillery produces an array of spirits including gin, bourbon, and vodka with wooden labels to stay true to their lodge-style aesthetic. You can find all of these products right in the tasting room at Idol Ridge Winery.

Sample each spirit or try our featured cocktail of the month for only $1 each.  Take home one of our Alder Creek souvenir snifters plus 1 tasting of your choice for $5.

Alder Creek Spirits

Alder Creek Vodka


A subtly sweet aromatic profile of vanilla and toasted almond overlays a smooth, clean spirit with a lingering finish.

Alder Creek Gin


Artfully handcrafted with an array of botanicals including juniper berries, cardamom, orange peel, & coriander.

Alder Creek Barrel Rested Gin

Barrel Rested Gin

Clean Aromas of juniper and citrus underpinned with touches of vanilla and toasted coconut. Light sweetness and rich mouth-feel lead to intense brown spice flavors on the finish.

Alder Creek Bourbon

Bourbon Whiskey

Rich and bold with aromas of raisin, toffee, and hazelnut. Upfront vanilla and grain notes build to a warm maple finish.