Fossenvue Wines

Sharing history one bottle at a time

Fossenvue’s name is based on the women’s suffrage campsite in Lodi, NY but bases its brand and wines off the Martin family’s roots. The Martin’s began their journey as beekeepers when they decided to dabble into wine-making with traditional mead. Throughout the years they have created a variety of honey wines as well as fruit wines, traditional grape wines and more. Our winery not only ties us back to the Martin’s history but also a piece of history from Lodi. Fossenvue, also known as “Queens Castle”, is a camp located in Lodi that was originally created by women for recreation, meetings, and games. Within this camp hung the message, “kindle friendship”. We continue to carry this anthem throughout our wines and winery.

We offer multiple wine series including honey, fruit, sweet and dry wines; there will be something for everybody. Taste and purchase all of our wines in Idol Ridge’s tasting room or you can buy our wine online to be shipped. Enjoy delicious wine and kindle friendship!

  • Seven of Us Series
    Seven of Us Series